Continuing Education Units

We offer course work that you can complete for a certificate to claim CEU/PD points from your professional association.

Gaining Points

Each professional association will have different rules about CEU points and what courses qualify. As we serve clinicians from all over the world from various disciplines, we cannot guarantee points for course work you do with us. However, we have found that most associations will accept our coursework. Clock hours do not necessarily equate to points 1:1 and again, this varies according to the association you are submitting the work to. All our courses require an 80% pass mark to receive a certificate of completion. 

Once you have successfully completed one of our courses you will have a certificate available in your account to download and send to your association for points. The certificate will indicate the approximate clock hours it normally takes for someone to complete the course. 

Let your clients know about your continuing education!

Clients take comfort in the fact that you stay current in your knowledge of this field.

In addition to the certificates that you are awarded for completing each individual course, we also offer a certificate of total hours. We would like to help you display the time you have put into your own professional development here at The Science of Psychotherapy by awarding you a beautifully presented certificate when you have completed 25, 50, 75, or 100 hours of online course material. This certificate, that you can print on white card from the PDF we will deliver, can be framed and displayed in your office along with your degrees and certifications. We think this small addition to your professional identity is important, and our way of thanking you for staying current with the science of psychotherapy.

To get your certificate of total hours please just email us and let us know the number of hours you have completed - you can see your course completions from your dashboard HERE.


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