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Quantum, Consciousness, Complexity, Philosophy, and other interesting things!

What is pushing the envelope in our understanding of mental states? This bundle of content explores a diverse range of topics such as quantum, consciousness, complexity theory, philosophy, ethics, law, and opinions that may not fit into the other Core Resource bundles. Join us down the rabbit hole - who knows where we will end up!
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Other Science

Introduction with Richard Hill & Matthew Dahlitz

Core Resources

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    • Welcome to Other Science

    • Let’s Talk About This Word ‘Science’ by Richard Hill

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    • Clinical Guide to "Consciousness"

    • In Conversation With Joseph LeDoux - Richard Hill

    • Organisms as Algorithms: is there an Alternative? by Steve Minett

    • Reassembling Models of Reality: Theory and Clinical Practice by Aldrich Chan

    • The New Science of Consciousness: Exploring the Complexity of Brain, Mind, and Self

    • Consciousnes, Integration & Individuation Through Active Imagination by Aldrich Chan

    • Change the Music - Psychotherapy and Brain Vibrations

    • The Yoga of Creative Consciousness and Cognition in Neuropsychotherapy DOWNLOAD

    • The Yoga of Creative Consciousness and Cognition in Neuropsychotherapy (Part 2) DOWNLOAD

    • Disturbed Consciousness: New Essays on Psychopathology and Theories of Consciousness by Rocco J. Gennaro

    • “Infomania” An Ontological Block to Understanding Consciousness by Steve Minett

    • How is the Brain’s Neuronal Activity Transformed into Mental States? Unlocking the Brain by Georg Northoff

    • Consciousness Still Being Explained by Richard Hill

    • A Neuropsychological Model of the Unconscious and Therapeutic Change by Efrat Ginot

    • THE NEURAL STRUCTURE OF THE SELF – Prof. Todd Feinberg

    • Consciousness, Higher-Order Thoughts and the Brain - Rocco J. Gennaro

    • Mind, Brain & Consciousness - Professor Todd E. Feinberg

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    • Quantum Physics and the Science of Psychotherapy

    • The Quantum Communication Information World We Live In Now by Ernest Rossi

    • A Quantum Field Theory (QFT): Integrating Feynman’s Path Integral of Physics with Milton Erickson’s Pathways of Effective Consciousness and Cognition in Neuropsychotherapy by Ernest Lawrence Rossi & Kathryn Lane Rossi

    • A Quantum Field Theory of Neuropsychotherapy: Semantic Mind–Brain Maps and the Quantum Qualia of Consciousness Ernest Lawrence Rossi and Kathryn Lane Rossi

    • An Integrated Quantum Field Theory

    • Merging Ancient Healing Arts Through Neuroscience and Quantum Phenomena by John Falcon

    • Psychosocial Genomic Perspectives for the Neuropsychotherapist: How Quantum Field Theory Optimizes Neuropsychotherapy

    • Change the Music - Psychotherapy and Brain Vibrations

    • Quantum and Effective Psychotherapy (2 hrs) Reading Course

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    • Clinical Guide to "Complexity"

    • Thinking IN the System - definitions and application by Richard Hill and Ernest Rossi

    • A Fractal Epistemology for a Scientific Psychology

    • Other Resources, CEU/PD courses.

    • Dreams, Synchrony, and Synchronicity by Terry Marks-Tarlow

    • Dreams, Synchrony, and Synchronicity (Part 2) by Terry Marks-Tarlow

    • Complexity, Chaos and Creativity in Human Relationships by Richard Hill

    • Steven Hoskinson on Complex Systems

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    Opinions & Foresight

    • Celebrating 100 and Looking Forward - Michael F. Hoyt

    • The Future of Psychotherapy: Two Trends to Watch - Flavio Cannistrà

    • Therapy and the Therapist of the 21st Century - Mary Bowles

    • Therapy in the 21st Century: One Step Forward, One Step Backwards, One Step to the Side - Michael D. Yapko

    • On the Science of Psychotherapy in the 21st Century - Aldrich Chan

    • Is the Science of Psychotherapy Changing? - Francis L Stevens

    • Perception, Relations, and the Divided Brain: A guide for therapists (Part 5) by Matthew Dahlitz

    • Unification in Psychotherapy & the Clinical Sciences - Jack Anchin & Jeffrey Magnavita

    • Midlife: Humanity’s Secret Weapon by Andrew Jamieson

    • What Are Emotions? An interview with Richard Brown

    • Neuroscience: More than just the latest paradigm - William Hirstein

    • Shrink Rap Radio and the 21st Cetury Therapist

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    Philosophy, Ethics & Law

    • Neurophilosophy and the Healthy Mind: Learning from the Unwell Brain by Georg Northoff

    • Exploring Neuro-philosophy - David Van Nuys interviews Georg Northoff

    • Law & Psychology Bottom Up: Neurotherapy Can Empty Jail Cells! By Paul Swingle

    • Can Artificial Intelligence Every Truly Love You? by Krista Hillis

    • Undervaluing and professional capture of psychotherapy in Australia by Richard Lakeman

    • Neuroscience in Court: Your Behavior on Trial

  • 7


    • This is Cutting Edge Psychotherapy Review by Gunnel Minett

    • Can There Be More Than One Answer? Review by Gunnel Minett

    • Carl Jung Explained Book Review by Gunnel Minett

    • Organisms as Algorithms: is there an Alternative? by Steve Minett

    • WHEN BRAINS DREAM, Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep Review by Gunnel Minett

    • The Brain from the Inside Out Book Review by Review by Gunnel Minett

    • What Has Death Got To Do With Life; Is Breathing the New Frontier in Medicine? Gunnel Minett

    • Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience, A Guide for Counsellors and Therapists by Review by Gunnel Minett

    • Books for children that adults should read, too.

    • Something We All Have In Common Review by Gunnel Minett

    • What is Morality - A question more important than ever - review by Gunnel Minett

    • The Key to Mental Health is Understanding Gunnel Minett