Course curriculum

  • 1

    Children: The Most Misunderstood Beings on the Planet!

    • Children: The Most Misunderstood Beings on the Planet!

    • Part 1

    • Part 1 Quiz

    • Part 2

    • Part 2 Quiz

  • 2

    The School-Savvy Therapist

    • The School-Savvy Therapist

    • The School-Savvy Therapist Quiz

  • 3

    BrainGrow: A Brain Based Student Wellbeing Program Built From the Bottom Up

    • BrainGrow

    • Introduction

    • The Brain in the School Context

    • The Brain in the School Context Quiz

    • What Is BrainGrow?

    • How Bains Learn: Moving Past Fear Base Systems

    • How Bains Learn Quiz

    • The Starting Point: The Student-Teacher Relationship

    • The Starting Point Quiz

    • There is Something About Memory

    • There is Something About Memory Quiz

    • Conclusion


Rita Princi-Hubbard

Rita is a Psychologist with Clinical Endorsement working with children, adolescents, families, couples and individuals in private practice. She is the Director of the Institute for Neuroscience and Education and provides Brain-Based Education training to clinicians, educators and parents, and seminars and workshops on the Neuroscience of Stress in various domains. She is currently undertaking PhD research with the University of Queensland, Schools of Education and Psychology on The Student-Teacher Relationship: Exploring Behavioural and Neuroscience Variables that impact upon Student and Teacher Wellbeing. Rita is an Ambassador with the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, a Senior Clinical Lecturer with the University of Adelaide and a Consultant for the Australian Communication and Media Authority. She is also a member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation and the Australasian Neuroscience Society. In the span of her career, she has held the positions of: Chair – SA APS College of Clinical Psychologists – (2012-2014); National Convenor (2004-2008) and National Treasurer (2008-2013) of the APS Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology Interest Group; Executive Member – Australian Council on Children and the Media (2009-2013) and as an Allied Health Member – Podiatry Board of SA (2005-2009)

David Collins

David Collins graduated from his undergraduate degree with first class honours before completing his Doctor of Clinical Psychology. He was a recipient of the La Trobe University Postgraduate Scholarship and the Australian Postgraduate Award, while also being awarded a Research Training Scheme position from the federal government of Australia. He has experience in a variety of positions in the public sector, including The Royal Melbourne Hospital, community mental health, and community corrections. He has also worked as an honorary research fellow at the University of Melbourne's School of Behavioural Science. David works in private practice and is clinical director of You Psychology and presents to teachers, psychologists, counsellors, teens and parents in his workshops around Australia. He has pioneered the Braingrow Program - a whole of school wellbeing program using the lates neuroscience research to provide school age students with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational capacity.

Mary Eno

MARY M. ENO was on the teaching faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Bryn Mawr College for several decades. She is a therapist in private practice in Philadelphia and has served as consulting psychologist in multiple schools.