• What currency are these memberships and courses?

    All our pricing is in United States Dollars.

  • I'm a Standard Member of The Science of Psychotherapy - How do I claim my free courses?

    If you are a current Standard Subscriber to The Science of Psychotherapy we are now in the process of migrating you across to this platform from our .com site. If you have having difficulty in accessing any content please let us know. If you are re-subscribing we are only accepting subscriptions on this Academy site, as the original .com site will now be primarily a blog site.

  • Can I claim CEU or PD points for these courses?

    Credit requirements and approvals vary across countries, organizations and state board regulations. Please save the test results at the end of each unit, the certificate of completion you receive from the activity, and contact your organization to determine specific filing requirements. We are unable to guarantee the success of logging CEU/PD points for these course as the requirements vary significantly across all the disciplines represented by our students. All self-study participants will have to have achieved 80% or better pass rate to receive a certificate of completion. These certificates will be issued via Accredible.

  • What are the "Certificates" you have a link to in the top menu?

    The Science of Psychotherapy will award you a beautifully presented certificate when you have completed 25, 50, 75, or 100 hours of online course material. This certificate, that will be physically posted to you, can be framed and displayed in your office along with your degrees and certifications. Please go to the "Certificates" top menu item to find out more.