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    Single Session Therapy

    • Introduction

    • Single Session Therapy: The Italian Method by Flavio Cannistrà with Michael Hoyt

    • Single Session Therapy quiz


Flavio Cannistrà

Flavio Cannistra’, MS, PsyD is an Italian licensed psychologist (MS) and a licensed psychotherapist. I’m interested in brief therapy, especially in how to make the most change in a few sessions. To do that, I’ve studied around the world different kind of therapies, looking for common principles. I’ve a post-degree in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy (PsyD), and a Master in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. In 2016 I went to Palo Alto, California to study Single Session Therapy (SST) at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) with Michael Hoyt, PhD; and then to Melbourne, Australia, also to study SST, at the Bouverie Centre. In April 2018 I will be doing additional studies at BRIEF (Brief Therapy Practice) in London. I am the founder of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy. My team and I have been spreading SST all around Italy, doing research and trainings.

Michael Hoyt

Michel Hoyt, Ph.D., is an independent psychologist in Mill Valley, CA. He is the author/editor of numerous books on brief therapy, including “Brief Therapy and Beyond”, “Capturing the Moment”, and “Single-Session Therapy By Walk-In or Appointment”. He has been honored as a Contributor of Note by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation and named a Distinguished Continuing Education Presenter by both the American Psychological Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.

Chief Education Director

Richard Hill

Richard Hill began his professional life in the performing arts and is now a practicing psychotherapist, author, educator, and Clinical Science Director and Managing Editor at the Science of Psychotherapy. Richard returned to intellectual studies at 42 (1996) achieving a B.A. majoring in linguistics, followed by 3 Masters Degrees in Social Ecology, Education, and Brain and Mind Sciences and is now a PhD candidate researching the nature of the person-responsive approach in therapy. His latest book is co-authored with Matthew Dahlitz, The Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Psychotherapy. Richard enjoyed the good fortune to be mentored by the esteemed Ernest Rossi, PhD who introduced the field of Psychosocial Genomics and is a member of the international research team that studies the impact of therapeutic practice on the genetic level. Richard co-authored The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands with Rossi. His main theoretical proposals concern – The Winner-Loser World Theory; the Curiosity Approach: and the Possibility Solution – which are explored in his numerous books and book chapters. Richard is active internationally including his role as Science Director for CIPPS college in Salerno, Italy, and course consultant at the University Fernando Pessoa in Portugal. He is also Patron of the Australian Society of Clinical Hynotherapists.