About This Course

This is an 8 hour study course as part of the Operating System YOU set of courses designed for coaches and business people. This course will give you insight into your mental operating system as well as describing the powerful use of story for business and life.

  • Online video and text by Matthew Dahlitz with various activities to do in your own time.

  • Certificate of completion

  • Understand the basics of self-esteem and how it relates to basic psychological needs.

  • Explore the power of story for yourself, your business and customers.

  • Develop powerful narratives that will help you get into the right creative mind set for change as well as effective marketing.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • OS YOU Introduction to Self-Esteem

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Self Esteem Theory

    • An Introduction

    • It's All About Your Story

    • Self Esteem Enhancement

    • History & Epigenetics

    • Self-Esteem Theory Quiz

  • 3

    Your Self Esteem (Your Story)

    • Write Down Your Story

    • The Redemptive Purpose of Everything

    • Your Own Hero's Journey

    • Your Own Hero's Journey Assignment (1 hour)

    • Journaling

  • 4


    • Work-Esteem

    • Internal Need Satisfaction or Violation

    • External Need Satisfaction Or Violation

    • A Story of Redemption

    • A Story of Redemption for your Business (40 min)

  • 5

    The Customer Story

    • Clarity & Calories

    • Make The Customer The Hero

    • The Customer The Hero Assignment (40 min)

  • 6

    Self Esteem Principles

    • Basic Principles of Story

  • 7

    Self Esteem OS Extras

    • Planting SEEDS For You, Your Team, And Your Customers

    • Your Stress Response

  • 8

    Before you go...

    • Before you go...


CEO The Science of Psychotherapy

Matthew Dahlitz

Matthew Dahlitz is both university trained and an autodidact whose knowledge spans across the arts, technology, psychology, neuroscience, emergency medicine, and business. He has studied psychology at the University of Queensland with a Master of Counselling degree specializing in neuropsychotherapy. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist, has taught post-graduate courses in neuropsychotherapy, and is author of the book The Psychotherapists’s Essential Guide to the Brain. Matthew has also studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in both music technology and master of composition. He has scored for film and produced a number of albums of original music and played producer in a film production company. Matthew has also been an Advanced Care Paramedic for a decade, managed commercial property and property development projects in the tens of millions of dollars, founded the Age of Robots site that reports on the technology and the social and psychological impacts of this second machine age, and runs a media and publishing company with an emphasis on great story telling.