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    • It's not all in your head!

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    The Secret Language of Cells

    • Dr Jon Lieff on celular communication

    • Celular Communication Quiz

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    The Embodied Mind

    • Dr Thomas Verny on the embodied mind

    • Embodied Mind Quiz

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    Further Resources

    • Interview with Dr Jon Lieff


Jon Lieff

Dr. Jon Lieff is a neuropsychiatrist with a BA in Mathematics from Yale University and an MD from Harvard Medical School. He pioneered the creation of integrated treatment units that focus on complex patients with combined medical, psychiatric, and neurological problems. Furthermore, he is an expert and innovator in developing specialized, innovative treatment programs for brain-injured patients. For many years, in addition to his clinical work, Dr. Lieff has been researching the question of where mind can be found in nature. At first, his inquiry related to neuroscience. He then expanded his study to include intelligence in a wide range of animals, and eventually individual cells, microbes, and viruses. Dr. Lieff is able to make complex scientific information easy to understand. He has written and edited multiple books and has lectured widely over the years on a variety of subjects.

Thomas Verny

Thomas R. Verny is a clinical psychiatrist and the author of eight of books, including The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, which was published in 27 countries and 47 scientific papers. He has previously taught at Harvard University, the University of Toronto, York University (Toronto), and St. Mary’s University. His most recent book, The Embodied Mind: Understanding the Mysteries of Cellular Memory, Consciousness, and Our Bodies, was published by Pegasus, New York and Oxford in 2021 continues his exploration of very early memory and the mind. In this work, Verny sets out to redefine our concept of the mind and consciousness, compiling for the first time, research that points to the mind’s ties to every part of the body and the intelligence of cells. The mind, Verny holds, is fluid and adaptable, embodied but not enskulled. In addition to eight books, Verny is the author or co-author of 47 scientific papers and articles. He has participated in more than 250 newspaper, radio and TV interviews, including appearances with Donahue, Merv Griffin, Oprah, Sally Jessy Raphael, Barbara Walters, and Unsolved Mysteries. Vision TV, Toronto, Canada, produced a 15-minute special on Verny and his book, Gifts of Our Fathers, in 1996.