The Brain Body Conversation

Topics peripheral to the central nervous system

As therapists we understand that we are dealing with whole bodies, not just the brain or the mind. We touch on some relevant topics for the psychotherapist about the body and the two-way conversation with the brain - the heart, the gut, the vagus, and other systems that impact mental health.
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The Body and the Brain

Introduction with Richard Hill & Matthew Dahlitz

Core Resources

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    • Welcome to The Body and The Brain

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    Brain/Body Integration

    • Clinical guide to "Brain/Body Integration"

    • Overview

    • The Secret Language of Cells

    • Conversations Between Body and Brain

    • Psychological Models of Embodiment by Catherine Cook-Cottone

    • The Body-Mind and Health “Think With Your Whole Body” by John Arden

    • Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward Psychotherapy Integration - John Arden

    • Body Sense - and why it is important in life and therapy by Alan Fogel

    • Embodying Experience. A Transcendent Journey

    • THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION – Judith Rustin

    • Interpersonal Neurobiology and Clinical Practice Edited by Daniel J Siegel, Allan Schore and Louis Cozolino

    • The Embodied Mind with Dr Thomas Verny

    • Perception, Relations, and the Divided Brain: A guide for therapists (Part 5) by Matthew Dahlitz

    • Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Make Embedded and Embodied Hypnotic Suggestions by Joseph A. Goldfield and Michael F. Hoyt

    • Can We Breathe Ourselves To Improved Health? by Gunnel Minett

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    The Heart

    • The Heart Clinical Guide

    • The Unexpected Interdependence of Heart and Mind by Haley Peckham

    • Why The Heart is Much More Than A Pump - Paul Rosch

    • The Energetic Heart Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People by Rollin McCraty

    • Hidden Therapeutic Dialogue: Decoding the Language of the Human Heart by James Lynch

    • Coherence: The Heart Connection to Personal, Social and Global Health

    • Heart Health and Brain Health by Archibald Bower

    • The Heart - King of Organs by Abdulla A. Al Abdulgader

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    The Vagus, Neuroception, ANS

    • The Nervous System and Toxic Stress by Rebecca Kase

    • Clinical Guide to the vagus nerve, neuroception and ANS

    • The Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Theory


    • The Neurobiology of Feeling Safe by Stephen W. Porges

    • Precision ANS Regulation: What to Look For by Babette Rothschild

    • Neuroception and the Window of Tolerance by Pat Ogden and Janina Fisher

    • An Embedded History of a New Science by Stephen W. Porges

    • Play as a Neural Exercise: Insights From the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges

    • Neuroception: Our Body’s Surveillance System by Stephen Porges and Seth Porges

  • 5

    Gut-brain Axis

    • Introduction

    • Clinical Guide for "Gut-Brain Axis"

    • The Science of Us - Episode 1 - The Gut-Brain Axis

    • The Gut As A Key Player In Neuroscience by Micaela Monterio-Haig

    • The Second Brain: Trust Your Gut

    • The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide To The Brain - Brain-Body Connections

    • The Body-Mind and Health “Think With Your Whole Body” by John Arden

    • Alena Pribyl talks about the gut microbiome

    • Caitlin Hall talks about the gut-brain axis

    • Richard Gordon Interview

    • Norelle Hentschel Interview

    • Why We Eat by Richard Hill

  • 6


    • Clinical Guide to Biofeedback & Neurofeedback



    • Interview with Sebern Fisher on Neurofeedback

    • Interview with Moshe Perl on Neurofeedback

    • Interview with Ruth Lanius on Trauma

  • 7

    Trauma and the body

    • An Introduction to Trauma and the Body

    • Neuroception and the Window of Tolerance by Pat Ogden and Janina Fisher

    • Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma - Bessel van der Kolk & David Van Nuys

    • Bringing the Body into the Therapy Room

    • Embodied Clinical Truths by Terry Marks-Tarlow

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    • Clinical Guide to the Aging Brain

    • Aging Brain with Richard Hill (with CEU)

    • The Promise of Technology for the Aging Brain

    • Physical Activity is Linked to Better Brains in Older Adults (study)

    • Graceful, Cheerful and Efficient Ageing: Listen To Your Grandmother! by Paul G. Swingle

  • 9


    • Clinical Guide on Pain

    • The Relationship Between Sleep and Pain Susan Davis

    • Pain Management with Dr Rachel Zoffness

    • Neuropsychology of Chronic Pain & EMDR by Mark Grant

    • Physical and Social Pain

    • Working with Chronic Pain: Making Treatment Count by Rachel Kovacevic, Pieter Rossouw, and Stephen McCrea

    • Psychological Treatment with Chronic Pain Patients from a Seasoned Clinician’s Perspective with Dr Robert Moss

    • An Introduction to the Clinical Biopsychological Model with Dr Robert Moss

    • Pain perception and the brain with Dr Robert Moss

    • Dimensional-Systems Model (DSM) with Dr Robert Moss

    • The DSM and Pain Processing with Dr Robert Moss

  • 10

    Immune System, Inflammation, Stress & Psychoneuroimmunology

    • Importance of Psychoneuroimmunology-based Relaxation Therapy in 21st century mental healthcare by Judy Lovas

    • Introduction to the immune system, inflammation and mental health.

    • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (and Histamine Intolerance)

    • Introduction to Autoimmune Encephalitis - Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis & PANS/PANDAS

    • Understanding PANS & PANDAS: The Interplay of Immune System and Mental Health by Micaela Monteiro-Haig

    • Whole Body Self-Care and Long-Term Health - John Arden

    • John Arden talks about diet and inflammation

    • Psychoneuroimmunology with Dr John Arden

    • The Body in Stress and Trauma by Robert Scaer

    • It’s Not the Stress You Feel, It’s the Stress You Don’t by Kyle Davies

    • The New Mind-Body Science of Depression - David Van Nuys and Charles Raison

    • WHOLE PSYCHIATRY - Robert Hedaya

  • 11

    Other Interesting Biological Systems (that may or may not have a direct causal relationship to mental health)

    • Molecular Machines