January 2021 Articles

The Reflections & Possibilities Issue

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    The Science of Psychotherapy January 2021

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    • Backwards, Forwards, and Round-and-Round By Michael D. Yapko

    • Unexpected by Oliver Morgan

    • Creating and Evolving New Cosmic Consciousness, Health and Healing by Kathryn Lane Rossi

    • 2020 Reflections and Possibilities for 2021 by Ruth Lanius

    • Moving Forward by Eric Beeson

    • Psychotherapy during the Covid era: Virtue out of necessity by Fabio Sinibaldi

    • Looking ahead to 2021 by Kathrin Stauffer

    • Imagining the Future: How will the science and art of psychotherapy make a difference? by Michael F. Hoyt

    • How the Pandemic Has Changed Us By Stan Tatkin

    • The River of Possibilities By John Falcon

    • Reflections and Possibilities by Terry Marks-Tarlow

    • Reflections, Strategies and Hopes for 2021 by Karen Ferry

    • The Trials, Opportunities and Gifts of 2020! by Debbie Joffe Ellis

    • Any Lessons Learned From 2020 Depend Mainly on the Individual by Robert A. Moss

    • Pro-being Pride: Predation, Possibility and A Third Way by Ken Benau

    • Growth Requires Friction by Lisa Dion

    • Reflections on 2020 and New Scenarios for 2021 by Mauro Cozzolino and Giovanna Celia

    • In 20/20 I Saw Much More Clearly by Roger Keizerstein

    • 2020 An Erickson Perspective by Roxanna Erickson-Klein

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