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    THE NEUROPSYCHOTHERAPIST Issue #6 (July-September 2014)

    • The Neuropsychotherapist Issue #6 (Full Issue)

    • Editorial and Contents

    • Why The Heart is Much More Than A Pump - Paul Rosch

    • The Energetic Heart Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People by Rollin McCraty

    • Hidden Therapeutic Dialogue: Decoding the Language of the Human Heart by James Lynch

    • Good-Heartedness is Good for Your Heart by Richard Hill

    • Heart-Brain Neurodynamics: The Making of Emotions by Rollin McCraty

    • Heartmath - A David Van Nuys Interview with Rollan McCraty

    • Individual Emotional Abilities Influence the Impact of Early Life Stress on Brain Volume - Sabine Aust & Malek Bajbouj

    • The Unexpected Interdependence of Heart and Mind by Haley Peckham

    • An Interview with Allan Schore

    • Working with Chronic Pain: Making Treatment Count by Rachel Kovacevic, Pieter Rossouw, and Stephen McCrea

    • Can Artificial Intelligence Every Truly Love You? by Krista Hillis

    • Spotlight: Dr. Myron Ross Thurber

    • Listen Closely: Hearing Your Heartsongs by Jennifer Lipski

    • Heart Health and Brain Health by Archibald Bower

    • The Heart - King of Organs by Abdulla A. Al Abdulgader