SoP September 2020 Reading

PDF Download of the September 2020 issue of The Science of Psychotherapy + Questions & Certificate

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Downloads Include:

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    SoP September 2020 Reading Course

    • SoP September 2020 DOWNLOAD

    • PACT: Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (Part 1) by Stan Tatkin

    • PACT (Part 1) Quiz

    • 7 Elements for Optimal Outcomes in Psychotherapy - Fieldwork Results by Fabio Sinibaldi

    • 7 Elements Quiz

    • The Boy Who Needed to Act Like A Dog by Roger Keizerstein

    • The Boy Who Needed to Act Like A Dog Quiz

    • ATSI: What’s In A Name? And Why Does it Matter? by Beryl Hocke & Richard Lakeman

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