About This Course

This 2 hour reading course is taken from the November 2019 magazine The Science of Psychotherapy. It is free for Standard Members of The Science of Psychotherapy (see FAQ section in the menu)

  • All articles and magazine downloadable in PDF

  • 2 hour certificate of completion after answering questions about each article

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Science of Psychotherapy November 2019

    • Editorial


    • A Personal Story of Resilience and Determination by Savita Ghanshyam

    • A Personal Story of Resilience and Determination QUIZ

    • Tyler Revisited—A Case Study by Roger Keizerstein

    • Tyler Revisited QUIZ

    • Wired to Connect: Addiction as Attachment Disorder (Part 2) by Oliver Morgan

    • Wired to Connect QUIZ

    • Podcast Interview with Dr. Oliver Morgan

    • Addictive Drugs in Egypt—On the Street and Over-the-Counter by Sherif Darwish

    • Addictive Drugs in Egypt QUIZ