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    SoP Jan-Mar 2024

    • SoP April-June 2024 Full Download

    • Strategic responsiveness to the client’s resources: from Erickson to Rossi, to now. Richard Hill & Francesco Sessa

    • The Evolutionary Necessity of Psychotherapy: The Illusions of Conscious Experience - By Louis Cozolino

    • Emotions What Are They Really? By Richard Hill & Matthew Dahlitz

    • Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) for the Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - James Greenblatt, Jennifer Dimino, Winnie T. Lee

    • Hemisphere Differences and Their Relevance to Psychotherapy - Iain McGilchrist

    • BEYOND THE WORDS By Judith Rustin

    • The Curiosity of Addiction. By Linda Hamilton, Jan Dyba and Kathryn Rossi

    • Spotlight On Jan Dyba (POLAND)

    • EVOLUTION MAKES US FREE! Book Review by Steve Minett

    • THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DREAMS Review by Gunnel Minett

    • Hypnotherapy: An exploratory casebook. Review by Richard Hill

    • GETTING GOOD THERAPY by Matt Wotton and Graham Johnston