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Dream Completion Technique

with Dr Justin Havens

Teach your clients how to stop nightmares using the Dream Completion Technique

This easy to teach and safe stabilisation technique can be used by all therapists to help their clients resolve nightmares, whether from traumatic experiences, stress, anxiety or medication. Nightmares are generally more prevalent than commonly thought, especially after trauma. Once nightmares are resolved and peaceful sleep is achieved, clients not only benefit from the improvements to mood, but also experience a reduction in intrusive trauma symptoms.

  • Learn how to use the Dream Completion Technique to stop all types of nightmares and sleep disturbance

  • Teach this approach to clients, using appropriate examples, and utilise it within a therapy session

  • This approach can be used by all therapists of any modality; it is not just for trauma therapists.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Dr Justin Havens

    • How to use this course

    • Resources for this course

  • 2

    Introduction to the Dream Completion Technique (DCT)

    • Introduction to DCT

    • YouTube 5-min client video

  • 3

    In-depth learning of the DCT

    • What is the DCT?

    • DCT Quiz

  • 4

    Research, using DCT with clients and summary

    • Research and Summary of the DCT

    • Further resources


Justin Havens

Justin is a psychological therapist accredited by BACP and EMDR Europe. He has worked within the NHS, the charitable sector and in private practice, and has a special internet in treating combat trauma and veterans. He completed his PhD in 2019, which was about developing and evaluating the Dream Completion Technique at the Veterans and Families Institute (Anglia Ruskin University). He has a passion for bringing safe and effective tools to the field of trauma therapy.